Notable Locations

The Freezone: The loop area and near north, near west and near south sides are characterized by highrise buildings and crowded streets. The deadlock in 2016 made the roads in the city center impassable for all vehicles and the crush of humanity caused the tall buildings, undoubtedly full of riches, food, and valuable, to be death traps. Towards the end of 2016 and the winter, many people barricaded themselves inside their apartments and condos, hoping to wait it out, and many of the buildings are booby-trapped and barricaded, making searching them a lucrative but dangerous enterprise. This is where the highest concentration of passive zombies reside, aimlessly wandering through the crowded streets. The surface streets and buildings are a free zone, open to any who want to scavenge, but the NCTA controls the EL tracks, the only really safe ways in and out.

Wrigleyville: The hotbed of post-frat and sorority living in Chicago is now the site of the single highest known concentration of Zombies in the city. Wrigley Field: The famous baseball field deserves a special entry as it is probably the most densely populated block of zombies. In the middle of the outbreak, Dave Matthews Band announced that they would do one last show, for Free, at Wrigley Field before the world ended. DMB fans from all over the country gave up their flight for safety and instead took a final pilgrimage to Wrigley Field for the free DMB show. More than 80,000 people crammed into Wrigley (twice it’s legal capacity) for the final 24 hour long show. Those who watched from rooftops were given the most terrible show of their lives as some that were ill already infected others and the entire stadium became a seething bed of 5th Meal’s Disease. A few heroic and enterprising individuals chained, u-locked, and boarded up where necessary, blocked with cars and busses, where able, and basically locked the entire group of ill-fortuned DMB fans in the stadium, along with Dave himself. The few escapees from the stadium and the residual effects still leave Wrigleyville as one of the most dangerous zombie hot spots. The Setonites still maintain a vigil on the chain link fence cordon that surrounds the outer edges of Wrigleyville, and occasionally breach the cordon to fill in gaps in the stadium itself.

Twin Ships: Late in 2016, before the nukes were launched and 5MD finished wiping out most of humanity, many fled onto Lake Michigan in yachts, and boats, either theirs or stolen. There remained few if any that were usable. The Federal government tried to send aid, in the form of food, clean water, and medicine on a Lake freighter, and police/soldiers on a military ship. These two ships crashed into each other, and the water intake in the lake on July 4th, 2016. Survivors swear that the ships hold all manner of supplies and weapons, but none has reached them and returned.

D-Town: The home of the Setonite’s, it is DePaul’s campus, and has been barricaded and walled off, using the large buildings and edges of the campus to decide borders. Large amount of living space and rooftop farming space. The phrase “Fear the D” is written on many of the walls, and blue demon iconography is used.

S.T.O.D.: The Sears Tower Observation Deck, (because fuck Willis Tower), or STOD, is the vantage point of the NCTA. Accessed by Zipline to and from the EL tracks, it commands a view of the entire city and the regions approaching the city. General Bob ORiley is concerned that the Packers are not the only force left in the Good Ole US of A that might have an interest in taking over Chicago, and so maintains force that vigilantly watches the areas around the city through telescopes, binoculars, and naked eye. The STOD also has the Intra-Chicago-Radio-Relay, an important central hub for communication. This links all the various remnants and provides the Eye in the Sky, so to speak.

Notable Locations

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