Grant Park

Population: 49

Leader: 60 Captain Richard Lear Alexander II
Daughter: 35 Jubilee Alexander, she’s gay.

5 Families (28)
Smiths: 4 Father Bill, Son Brian 22, Son Will 18, Son John 16
Johnsons: 5, Father Jim, Mother Cathy, 1 son 14, 2 Daughters 16 18
Williams: 5 grandfather, grandmother, mother Theresa(sister married to Thomas Jones, now dead, romantically involved, deadbeat husband left years ago), son 8, daughter 12
Jones: 5, grandfather and grandmother, Father Thomas (married to theresa’s sister Louise, now deceased), son 5, son 3
Abdallahs: 5 Father, Wife, daughter 16, daughter 17, daughter 19
Jacksons: 4 Husband, Wife, 2 daughters 6 and 7, black

Couples: 3, 6 people
Wrights (27)
Campbells (32)
Coopers, Gay Men (45) farmers
Browns, Black
Garcias – Mexicans, 3 kids 6,7,8

The Twins:
Steve and Stephanie Young 25, twins,

Father Awolowo: African Refugee priest in his thirties

Chief Carl Frey: police chief in his 50s, close friend of Dick Alexander.

Casey Kurvin: Owned the general Store, 55 year old badass mechanic and train enthusiast, has the idea to make the steam engine go to chicago.

“Doc” Bob Kijewski: handsome Middle School Football coach, PE teacher. science teacher and group doctor , runs the food efforts, storage, and is in charge of all the stockpiling and food safety.

“Nurse” Carol Cademartorie, Social Studies teacher, involved with Doc, helps with Doctors duties, runs the daycare, and helps teach the children

“The Administration”
John Palan, (District Superintendent), Tom Sandias, (Principal) and Tracy Planeta (Grade Scholl Principal), shitty people who wanted to run the town, but sucked and now are pussies.
Tom is also fucking one of his students, Aubree, who at the time all this went down was 15, but she is now 18. Her parents are dead, and she’s a little narqing bitch.

Grant Park

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